Cloud Providers

Cloud computing infrastructure tech&solution provider:

  • 3Tera - AppLogic grid OS used as cloud computing platform by service providers and enterprises
  • Appistry - Cloud computing middleware - Enables easily scalable cloud computing in the enterprise.
  • Cassatt - Cassatt Active Response platform enables administrators to set policies to power physical and virtual servers safely on and off and pool their computing resources.
  • CloudHan - Cloud tech and infrastructure consultant, in China.
  • CloudScale Networks - Cloud enabler. Currently in private ALPHA only
  • Joyent - Cloud Infrastructure (Accelerators), and consulting for developers and enterprise.
  • nScaled, Inc - Cloud related services such as Migrations, Deployment, Planning, Consulting
  • Q-layer - provides software for data centers that enables cloud computing, support VSAN, VLAN, VPDC, currently support VMware ESX.
  • Skytap - IaaS service optimized for QA, Training, Demo, and Ops Testing. Supports VMware, Xen hypervisors & Windows, Linux & Solaris OS guests.
  • Webscale Solutions - IT Strategy and Consulting on Cloud computing. Specialize in ROI investigations of CC. a CC provider evaluation framework and Enterprise Cloud Roadmap development.

Cloud computing infrastructure provider:

  • Agathon Group - Cloud provider. Services include highly available VPS, virtual private datacenters and ready-to-use LAMP stacks. Self-service ordering. Custom development and managed services available.
  • Amazon Web Services - Amazon EC2/S3 (Hardware-a-a-S & Cloud Storage)
  • CohesiveFT - CohesiveFT Elastic Server Factory - Webservice for assembling full application stacks (contextualization, custom apps, middleware, on top of base configs) with deployment to many virtual and cloud environs.
  • ElasticHosts - UK-based instant, on-demand servers in the cloud
  • Flexiscale - Another instant provisioner of web servers with some advanced features like auto-scaling coming soon.
  • GoGrid - instant, on-demand servers offering "control in the cloud". Deploy Windows/Linux servers via web-interface in minutes
  • GridLayer - Cloud Provider. A service by Layered Technologies that delivers Virtual Private Datacenters and virtual private servers from grids of commodity servers
  • LayeredTechnologies - Cloud Provider. provider of on-demand hosting and cloud and utility computing solutions through its brand GridLayer
  • ReliaCloud - Deployed within a robust and resilient virtualization environment and architected to maximize uptime and performance. Free benefits include high availability, load balancing, robust APIs, and persistent servers.
  • Mosso - Rackspace’s cloud hosting service
  • Newservers - Instant provisioning of web servers either Windows or Linux
  • Plura Processing - On-demand infrastructure for high-performance computing

Cloud computing Paas provider:

  • Aptana Cloud - Elastic Elastic Application Cloud™ featuring fully stacked and integrated PHP app engines, Ajax/Jaxer app engines, and soon Ruby on Rails app engines – ready to use and ready to scale as you need it.
  • Bungee Connect - Provides end to end tools and systems required to develop, deploy and host web applications (Platform as a Service)
  • Coherence - Oracle Coherence Data Grid for EC2 and other cloud platforms
  • -’s application development platform (PaaS)
  • GigaSpaces - middleware for the cloud, "cloudware"
  • Google AppEngine - (PaaS)Now support python
  • Heroku - Ruby on Rails in their Cloud
  • Morph Labs - Fully managed, open, elastically-scalable, end-to-end deployment and delivery platform for Ruby on Rails and Java (Jetty, JRuby, Groovy and Grails) web applications. Leverages AWS, but completely abstracts details and complexities from developers.
  • Intuit Partner Platform (IPP) - Platform as a Service (PaaS) from Intuit.
  • Qrimp - An AJAX based PaaS
  • RightScale - RightScale provides a platform and expertise that enable companies to create scalable web applications running on Amazon’s Web Services that are reliable, easy to manage, and cost less
  • Stax - Java Platform as a Service

Cloud computing based service provider:

  • CAM Solutions - Monitoring-as-a-Service(TM)
  • CloudStatus- CloudEnabler. Real-time performance trending of cloud infrastructure (currently AWS).
  • DATASiSAR - Cloud Computing technology based consulting & IT Services provider
  • Kaavo‘s IMOD is an easy to use online application. Cloud Computing Made Easy.
  • Microsoft Mesh
  • Nasstar - SaaS provider. Business grade Hosted Desktop service, UK market leaders.
  • Nirvanix - Cloud Storage
  • TrustSaaS - uptime monitoring and alerting service (‘SaaS Weather Report’) for Software as a Service (SaaS) run by an independent third party.
  • UtilityStatus - Utility Computing Platform for SaaS charged in elapsed CPU time running on EC2.

Semantic computing Cloud service provider:

  • ThoughtExpress - Generic Enterprise Management Service based in semantics supported by semantic computing cloud to perform enterprise information processing to deliver: BPM, BI, enterprise modelling & semantic human interface without the need to program.

Cloud Security Consultants and Overlay Network Providers
CohesiveFT - CohesiveFT’s VPN-Cubed products are virtual firewallls, switches, hubs, and routers that are used to build overlay networks in clouds, across clouds, and to connect enterprise data centers to public clouds.
Cloud End-Points:

  • XPack - a dedicated cloud end-point from Moderro Technologies. A solid-state, power-saving, VESA mountable desktop appliance with custom desktop environment designed for web applications.